Your name is Momiji Tanimura - a 12 year old shrine maiden in the Takayama village. Your grandfather, the village elder Shinji Tanimura, has given you a special gift for your 12th birthday - a box of marbles. You were extremely disappointed at first, because your friends had gotten much cooler toys for their 12th birthdays, like shurikens and puppies. However, you soon realized that these were no ordinary marbles!

"Momiji-chan, these marbles are very special, " your grandfather explained to you. "Each one of them has a forest spirit trapped inside. If you break the marbles and free the spirits, their energies will combine and achieve great powers!"

Your grandfather proceeded to break open a handful of green marbles by pressing them together. Your eyes widened and your jaws dropped as you witnessed the spirits burst free from the marbles, gather into a ball of spiritual energy, and fly high into the sky!

"The village has been under attack recently by dark spirits descending from the mountains, " your grandfather continued. "It is your duty as the shrine maiden to protect our village from these evil spirits. This box of marbles will be your weapon."

Suddenly, before you were able to respond, a dark spirit flew down from the sky and pierced your grandfather's heart!

"Go now! You are the village's last hope!" your grandfather whispered with his dying breath as he fell to the ground. You screamed and clinged on to his dead body with tears running down your cheeks, feeling helpless and alone...

Just then, a pink fairy emerged from the box of marbles.

"Momiji-chan, don't despair!" the fairy shouted. "I can help you fight. Let's defeat the dark spirits together once and for all!"

You looked up at the fairy with renewed hope and courage. Clutching the box of marbles tightly in you arms, you walked towards the shrine with the weight of your responsibility in every step.

Will you withstand the onslaught of the dark spirits or will you cave in under the pressure? The answer is in your hands!